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There are various level of commitment to learn that students have.  This is how I specify a student's commitment as acceptable :

1. Study Chemistry for 30 minutes per day for average students.
Weak students should study 1 hour per day.

2. Come for tuition regularly.

Similarly, since you're putting effort to study you want to make sure that I am the right tutor for you.
Thanks for checking out my web site.

If you're looking for Chemistry tuition for Sec 3, Sec 4, JC 1 and JC 2, you come to the right place.  If you're the parent, you can ask your daughter / son to check on this web site
My name is Cecil Sie.  I teach Chemistry to Sec 3/ 4, JC 1/2.  

Weak students come to me. I do not require a minimum result for students.  What I asked from students is their commitment to study.  
Here is the list of things you can do before you appoint me as  your tutor:

1. See my qualification
I got my master degree in Civil Engineering from NUS through ASEAN Graduate Scholarship in 2001.
2. Check out my Chemistry book in Popular Book Store.
My book was finished last year.  They're sold in major bookstores.

6. Attend my free trial lesson.
After you decide to come for free trial lesson, call us up and look up the schedule here.
3 Hear what my former students said  

4 Download my free ebooks.

5 Ask my former / current students about my tuition.
I have taught since 2001. Lots of students. Check out list of my students , you might have known some of them. If you know them, or you are in the same school, ask them about my tuition.
Cecil Sie, Msc. Chemistry Tutor.
My photograph when I was still thin.
7.  Come to my workshop.
You might need help on only certain topics. Sec 3 students usually have problems in mol calculations.  In Sec 4, the difficult topics are electrolysis and  organic chemistry. For JC students, we have workshops on chemical bonding (VSEPR), ionic equilibrium, and organic chemistry.
The workshop is done on Saturdays.  One workshop is two sessions, 2 hours each, 5 to 7 pm. Please check out our schedule here.

When you decide to join our tuition, please choose your schedule and  contact us.